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My Future Through Robotics
What is cooler than building and programming robots??
Robotics has grown exponentially in recent years, as industries from manufacturing to food service have implemented robotic technology to streamline processes, save money and accomplish tasks too dangerous for humans.
Robotics is frequently defined as the science and technology of robots, their design, manufacture and application. Working with robots requires an understanding of multiple fields, including electronics, mechanics and software.
The LEGO MINDSTORMS self-contained kit provides an introduction to robotics. Over the course of eight missions, members will work in groups to use MINDSTORMS kits and tutorials to build a robot that interacts with its environment in numerous ways.

Mission 1 - Introduction to Robotics 

Watch members use the MINDSTORMS instructions to build a robot.
Mission 2 - Programming the TriBot

See Boys & Girls Club members program their TriBots to move forwards and backwards.

Mission 3 - Sensing and Grabbing

Watch members build and attach touch sensors and grabber claws that allow the TriBots to pick up a ball.
Mission 4 - Adding Sound and Light Sensors

Watch how these Boys & Girls Club members programmed their TriBots to respond to light and sound.
Mission 5 - Seeing Objects

See Boys & Girls Club members add ultrasonic sensors to their TriBots that let the robot detect objects ahead.
Mission 6 - Building Alfa Rex

Watch members build and program the humanoid robot Alpha Rex.
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