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Design your own video game!
Design your own video game!
Have you heard about the Game Tech program from BGCA? It's perfect for all you gamers and animaniacs out there. Here's how you can get practice NOW learning skills you can use in school, college and in your career. There are two parts to the Game Tech program -- Game Tech 1 and Game Tech 2.

The Game Tech 1 materials give you an introduction to game design, show you the basic principles and get you thinking about new game design concepts. You will also be introduced to "Scratch" -- which is a programming "language" that is used to build games.
With Game Tech 2, you will be able to create either your own computer game or animated movie! You will get to practice the skills that you've learned and see your game or movie come to life..
Game Tech 1: Design and Build a Game
You'll need to check out the Game Tech 1 materials to learn what makes a game a game (available here). Have your adviser download the Facilitator's Guide and helpful posters (links to download materials are available through the My.Future Staff Portal); grab some friends and go through the activities together! You may even be able to build your own offline game and test it with your friends.
After you've made your own offline game, use Game Tech I to learn the basics of the Scratch programming language. That will show you tips and tricks to make creating your own online game easier. If you want, you can watch the Game Tech 2, Episode 1: Scratch Tips and Tricks video (click here) to help you with the Scratch activities in Game Tech I.
Now you're ready to tackle Game Tech 2! Download the program materials that you'll need, and visit to watch the videos (note: there are different videos you'll need to watch, depending on whether or not you want to create a computer game or animated movie).

Game Tech 2: Create a Movie
First, refresh your Scratch knowledge by reviewing the Game Tech 2, Episode 1: Scratch Tips and Tricks videos here. Then, watch the videos below to learn what you need to know to make a movie! You can also check out the Game Tech 2 Scratch Components for materials to help you on your animation production.

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